Physician Information


The use of cannabis (marijuana) for medical purposes can only be authorised by a physician as part of a research project.

The CCIC has established a mechanism through which patients who received medical marijuana can be registered in a database on the use of dried cannabis for medical research, established for research purposes.  This database will provide a framework for the prescription of dried cannabis for medical reasons and will constitute an important resource to address many concerns concerning the security and efficacy of dried cannabis in a medical context.

This study has been approved by the Central ethical committee of the Health and Social Sciences ministry (Comité central d'éthique de la recherche du ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux).

Eligible persons who want to use cannabis must sign an information and consent form and answer a short survey.  The treating physician will proceed to the evaluation of the patient and will record the information on a case report form (CRF). When the information is complete, the authorisation process will proceed in accordance with the normal practice. The case report form must be faxed to the Central registration office.  The treating physician will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the CRF.

Participating physicians will receive reminders to complete the follow-up questionnaires. 

View the steps to follow to participate.